Dr. Dan offers the following services:

  1. Consultations via office visits, house calls or through virtual online calls.
  2. My Dreams of Being™ caregiver training.
  3. Clinical Workshops on the use of hypnotherapy for people living with dementia.
  4. Distance Learning – Please visit the Distance Learning page where the course is described, and you can sign up and get immediate access to the training.
  5. International Keynote Speaker.

    Examples of Dr. Dan’s keynote topics are:

    • Senescence vs Dementia
    • Ameliorating Transitional Shock
    • The Positive Impact of Hypnotherapy as a Treatment Option
    • The Importance of a Person Centered Environment and Appropriate Language and Terminology
    • Montessori Therapy to Enhance the Dining Experience
    • Supporting People with Behavioral Challenges

Please Contact us further information and availability.

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