About Dr Dan

Conference Photo 2013 05Dr Dan completed all his training in the UK. After working in hospitals in England – A and E in Blackburn, Elderly Medical in Blackburn, Stoke Park Hospital and Blackberry Hill Hospital in Bristol, he moved in to the independent sector.

He worked as the Dementia Consultant at Highfield, the Senior Dementia Consultant at Southern Cross Healthcare and the Director of Care and Dementia Services at the Priory Group.

His roles have been a combination of clinical, operational, educational and research. Alongside Dr Simon Duff (then at the University of Liverpool, now at the University of Nottingham) he led the worlds only primary research study in the use of hypnosis for people living with dementia in nursing homes. This led to a number of publications within Europe and the US, as well as a clinical training programme to teach this technique – students from around the world have attended these classes.

He worked as part of the National Dementia Strategies for the UK, alongside the All Party Political Group on Dementia at Westminster to develop Always a Last Resort (this is all about using Antipsychotic medicines as a last resort – thinking about other approaches and interventions first) and set up services in the US.

He often works on collaborative projects with Stephen Truelove in Cardiff, Wales and with Smiles by Delivery, Mobile Dentists, in Surprise, Arizona.